an independent store, made of truly independent brands.

we are a family business store that has been on the field over the last 3 generations.

we are passionate about eyewear craftsmanship and independent brands that still praise the handmade process.

our etho is to always show you the best products made by the best brands, guaranteeing you all the authenticity and exclusivity that only a mature and experienced company like us, could offer you.

the japanese mastercraft

more than a tradition, detail is a philosophy.

japanese craftsmanship is based on habits of quality, authenticity and distinction.

on a meticulous cycle of more than 43 steps, the japanese craftsmanship shines within details and techniques mastered by the artisans that have been contributing during their whole life to the art, of building eyewear with your own hands.

swing by to see our japanese selection.

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Calçada do Sacramento 14,

1200-394 Lisboa

Tuesday to Saturday:

10:00am - 13:00pm

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